DOLOMITE –  A true story since 1897

It is a tale of adventure that started back in 1897 based on the skill and creativity of a resourceful master cobbler, which has continued for over one hundred years with commitment, tenacity and all- Italian passion.

The Milestones

Dolomite has been shaped by true adventure

1954: an Italian expedition conquer for the first time the Karakorum K2  – one of the most dangerous peaks in the world- they were equipped with Dolomite boots

1960: a Swiss expedition conquer  Dhaulagiri, “The White Mountain”, the seventh highest peak in the world

1966: the Italian Alpine Club of Carate Brianza and Gruppo Ragni of Lecco organized an expedition to Greenland up to the 71st parallel

1973: another important expedition to Antarctica

1976: the ascent of the great Fitz Roy Peak in Patagonia

many other expedition followed …

It is to these extraordinary traditions that Dolomite owes its unique knowledge and great experience, which still today you can feel in every piece of the collection.

Feel this experience and make it a part of your own true story.