The Dockers Brand has embodied the spirit of Khaki for more than quarter of a century. Dockers® make Khaki trousers that do their job, so you can do yours.

Dockers® pioneered an entirely new apparel with the introduction of Khaki trousers as an alternative to denim more than two decades ago. Within a few years, Dockers® became the alternative to a more formal way of dress, gradually finding its way in to the office workplace as a more comfortable substitute to the suit. From its origination in 1986, Dockers® revolutionised the industry with a range of highly wearable clothes for a versatile, on-the-go lifestyle which it made its own. Its popularity was instant.

The 1980s saw an explosion of colourful styles in men's clothing. Film or rather television influenced the way men dressed, the growing popularity of “Miami Vice” and “Magnum P.I” saw men replicating the stars of these shows by wearing simple white t-shirts underneath Savile Row style suit jackets - often in bright or pastel colours. Khaki trousers or coloured chinos were often worn with loafers or yachting shoes without socks.

Nineties Khaki style

By the mid 1990s, Dockers® hit $1 billion in sales as the brand was launched worldwide including Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and Europe. Khakis began to enter the world of haute couture with such designers as Donna Karan and Yohji Yamamoto incorporating the classic Khaki trouser into their collections.

In 1995, research showed that Dockers® Khaki trousers were found in the wardrobes of eight out of ten American men, becoming the definite Khaki pant brand coming out on top despite strong competition from other cheaper High Street brands.

Khaki in the new millennium

By the mid-noughties, Dockers® became the instinctive choice for teenagers as the skater-boy look took a hold of the fashion industry for men and women. With such stars as Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck choosing Khaki as an alternative to jeans, worn over-sized and low slung, Dockers® came to symbolize the same kind of teenage rebellion that denim did over half a century before.

Khaki comeback

A revival for Khaki was first spotted in Sweden late in 2007. The same group of teenagers hanging out together after classes at the school gates was later spotted at weekends wearing Khaki as an alternative to denim. The buzz soon began to spread, Khaki had become cool again. 

Realizing this new trend and high consumer demand, Dockers® was the first to react on the High Street, launching an exclusive Dockers® K-1 Limited Edition range of pants for the true Khaki connoisseur in 2009. As demand grew, so did sales with the limited edition selling in fashionable stores across Europe, including Stockholm, London, Antwerp, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. A year later, and many premium denim brands, realizing the popularity of the Khaki trend, started to include Khaki trousers in their seasonal collections.

As the Khaki revolution continued to spread, so too did the demand for fresher fits and fabrications. The Dockers® brand delved into its pant portfolio, re-styled and began to refresh its most popular fits (the D-0, D-1 and D-2 fits), as well as creating a new and stronger varieties (Utility pants, shorts and increasing its non-Khaki category).

The European Dockers® brand consumer is more style-involved rather than style-leading, but is definitely engaged.  He is passionate about music, film, design. He has his idols, our own ‘Khaki heroes’ including Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. He uses brands to say something about himself—who he is what he values.

Dockers® Timeline


LS&CO launches Dockers® pants as an alternative to denim in the US with the Wing & Anchor logo


Dockers® becomes the fastest growing clothing brand in history


Launch of Womanswear collection in the USA


Eight out of ten American men wear Dockers® Pants. Innovations in colour and easy-care-fabrics create a higher demand with consumers


Dockers® hits $1 billion in sales and launches the brand in Europe, Asia and Central America


Dockers® is leading the category in Europe and becomes the number one Khaki pant specialist


Repositioning of the brand to become a total look provider and introduction of San Francisco logo


Focus on marketing campaigns to reflect Khaki-lifestyle and contemporary silhouettes and slimmer fits


Dockers® goes through a further rebranding; reintroducing the Wing & Anchor first seen when the brand launched in 1986. The Khaki trend continues to sweep the High Street, with forecasts looking healthy for 2011.